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Feel like you've not hit your peak yet? It’s never too late!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

According to a Nature research article, nearly 90% of individuals will experience a "hot streak" in their occupation. This period is marked by outstanding and quality work that lasts for a few years. The best part? This can happen at any point in someone's career, whether early or late, making it never too late to reach the pinnacle.

My early career is a good example of this effect. After getting my undergraduate degree, I founded a profitable consulting company in the healthcare industry. I then made a career move to become a senior executive at a medical device manufacturing firm on the other side of the country. Even though this resulted in a 50% pay cut, the opportunity to expand my experience was worthwhile. When I was 36, I pursued an MBA and shifted back to consulting in the rapidly growing tech sector. I then experienced a hot streak for ten years, working in various fields, and climbing the corporate ladder.

At GTE Information Services Division, I played a key role in the merger negotiations with Bell Atlantic, culminating in a $58 billion merger and the creation of Verizon. Following the merger, I took on a new job at Frontier Communications in Beverly Hills, California, as the VP of Marketing before becoming an equity partner in a start-up high-tech venture. Unfortunately, shortly after the dot-com bubble burst, the business collapsed due to lack of venture capital, and I opted to retire early.

I joined an upscale gym to restore my long-lost health and fitness, and shortly after became a personal trainer. Within five years I had established myself as the go-to in the fitness industry for celebrities and professional athletes from around the world, earning as much or more as I did in my previous corporate career. In fact, Men's Health magazine dubbed me as "The Muscle Whisperer" for the fact I had restored and returned an injured Derek Fisher of LA Lakers fame back to the game.

Throughout my career, I learned some essential lessons. First, being fearless in your decision-making, trusting your instincts and having confidence in your abilities is crucial. Second, being curious and open to new opportunities can lead to new milestones in your career. Third, fundamental business skills are transferable, regardless of your industry environment. Fourth, understanding that you never know when you'll hit your peak in your career. Fifth, networking and presenting to key executives, CEOs of significant corporations can broaden your horizons. Finally, remember that starting small does not mean that you'll not achieve great feats.

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