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It's Never Too Late

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

I've said before my career was driven by curiosity, and was absent fear. I consulted first in health care, was recruited to work in the medical device industry, followed by another recruitment to quality assurance, then came Internet related technology. After serving as a member of the merger team that created a major telecommunications company, I was recruited once more to Global Crossing.

My final hurrah in business was a partnership in a technology startup which failed when the tech bubble burst, and I was nearly 50 years old. I decided to make a drastic change, and became a personal trainer in LA. Within five years I had secured a $250K/yr contract with a professional athlete. I wouldn't have imagined such a wild career ride. But in retrospect I realize I was successful as a result of creating a foundational set of skills early in my career. Those skills were portable, and all I was left to do was to develop a mastery of each industry. My advice is don't underestimate your strength to change and succeed. Adaptability is in each of us if you simply tap in, and then trust in your own abilities.

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