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Just When You Feel You're Covered

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Health care is not a right, but a privilege. How often have you heard this phrase? But perhaps you feel you have secured the best protection available through your employer. Or you are a senior who has Medicare, or a Military retiree, and you are paying for one of those additional supplemental plans - if you can afford one.

Unfortunately, every single day many receive that unexpected notice they owe a health care provider for a "non-covered" expense that even your supplemental plan does not cover. That bill you've received can be for just a few hundred, or even thousands of dollars. And these occur most often when you are facing a life-threatening disease or have experienced a catastrophic injury requiring state of the art medical technology or procedures, or one of those new wonder drugs.

"A wave of new treatments have cured devastating diseases. When the costs are too much, even for the insured, patients hunt for other ways to pay."

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